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+ Just for fun: Animated falling snowflakes on your phone!

30 July 2008

Nice Shaker for 3rd Edition
Make Your Own Personalized Virtual Snowglobe!

Nice Shaker

Ahh, summer days, it’s too hot outside to breathe, you’re sitting at home and dreaming about snow that softly falling down? Well dream no more.

My friend Damian is definitely one of the most creative and productive Python developer nowadays and he just released another funny accelerometer based application.

Nice Shaker is the virtual snowglobe that allows you put a virtual snowglobe on your and use it as a nice decoration for your phone, as another accelerometer based tool to impress your friends or just as a toy to play with ;)

It’s enough to gently shake your phone to make the "snow" all over your phone. Every part of the application is completely customizable and allows you to create your very own virtual snowglobe, that really shakes and snows!! You can use one of three preloaded backgrounds or pick any photo from photo library and set is as the snowglobe background.

Snowflakes are also customizable and application comes with three different types of snowflakes that match the mentioned backgrounds. You can choose between the classic snowflakes, stars or you can use flaying hearts to impress your girlfriend ;) Furthermore it is possible to adjust the size, colour, and number of the flaying objects.

I know it is not the most useful or the coolest application out there but it’s easy, it’s free, and if nothing else, it’s a good way to spend a few minutes of your time! Only I miss is the option to use it as a screensaver ;)

Aplications also works on the phones witjout motion sensor, just hit left soft key and choose start.

Nice Shaker Demo

To get it to work you have to install latest Python version
It is also high suggestible to install application and Python
in the phone's memory (C: drive)

If you like this application you should try some of other Damian's applications like: StopCall, pySnake, pyPiwo, pyRybka, pyMoneta, pyPoziomica, WakeUpMe, pyEkran, pyGenerator, pyGadacz, pyRestart, Lottomat, Beeper and lovely PC application Signomat.

Nice Shaker
Source: SF forum Author: Damian ft. Apoc'

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