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+ Trill: Freeware Twitter Client For S60 3rd Ed Devices

12 August 2010

New Freeware Twitter Client
For Non-Touchscreen S60 Devices

Are you a Twitter Fan? Do you miss Tweeting when you are on the move? Ever wished for a quality Twitter client available for free? Well, Trill might be the answer to your prayers for a decent Twitter client for non-touchscreen S60 devices.

Following the phenomenal explosion of Twitter service and to satisfy the ever-growing user demand for more sophisticated freeware twitter application for S60 devices Spice Labs, a product development and marketing company in the Mobile Internet and Applications has announced its new Twitter application non-touc... .. .

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.:[ New Twitter Client For Non-Touchscreen Devices - full story ]:.

Read more: Trill For S60 3rd Ed Author: Teo

+ WeROK: Free Mobile Internet Access and Services

27 April 2008

WeROK delivers internet access
that includes low-cost mobile text, free
mobile email and free Mobile TV services via Wi-Fi

ROK Entertainment Group, the mobile technology, applications and services company, and WeFi Inc., creator of the first open, community-based global Wi-Fi network, today announced the launch of WeROK, a Wi-Fi powered mobile portal enabling internet access for mobile phones to include low-cost texting and free mobile phone services.

WeROK combines WeFi’s high-performance global Wi-Fi network with ROK Entertainment’s unique portfolio of mobile services. These applications include low-cost SMS, mobile email services, free-streamed mobile TV and mobile social network services.

Free to download at, WeROK is currently accessible on any Wi-Fi enabled Symbian S60 mobile phone, as we... .. .

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.:[ Free Mobile Internet Access and Services - full story ]:.

Read more: WeFi and ROK Author: Teo

+ Update: Nimbuzz 2.0 - Improved interface and functionality

03 April 2009

Nimbuzz 2.0 for S60 Devices Brings
User Interface and Functionality Improvements

Nimbuzz for Symbian S60 devices has been upgraded to verzion 2.0, which includes a good number of enhancements, some minor bug fixes and tweaks, as well as the interface and functionality Improvements and I’m glad to see that Nimbuzz’s makers are so keen on improving an already excellent freeware application.

Nimbuzz is a free application, launched last year in May that allows you to call, chat and text with your friends on virtually every major IM service including Skype, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, GaduGadu, Jabber and Twitter, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and MySpace.

According to the application’s developers, the main improvement is the brand new interface. Up until now, the Nimbuzz for Symbian’s Menu button layout was the central conne... .. .

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.:[ Improved interface and functionality - full story ]:.

Read more: Nimbuzz 2.0 Author: Teo

+ A New And Improved YouTube Application For S60 Devices

20 March 2009

Google Launches Native
YouTube Application For S60 Devices

Google has just released a major upgrade for its mobile YouTube client for S60 devices which is a huge step forward from their previous Java based application!

Of course, S60’s web browser is good enough to browse both, mobile and desktop version of the YouTube, but a dedicated client simply offers easier manipulating and more rich experience.

Bad video quality and annoying java limitations are a thing of the past with the launch of native Symbian application that brings improved, intuitive and easy to use user interface and what is even more important it offers better video qua... .. .

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.:[ the closest mobile YouTube experience - full story ]:.

Read more: YouTube goes native Author: Teo and Plb

+ mBit Network Provides Multimedia P2P Services

06 February 2008

Developer Spotlight:
mBit Network Provides Multimedia P2P Services

How does legal, peer-to-peer music sharing on S60 devices sound? To more than 4,000 users in the Asia-Pacific region, very good.

That's how many users signed up for a new service offered by mBit Network Pte. Ltd. of Singapore in just one month, and without a single dollar being spent on marketing.

Multimedia peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing has become a social phenomenon over the past few years, and mBit has implemented this concept on the Nokia S60 3rd Ed devices. The mBit network, which enables peer-to-peer sharing of multi... .. .

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.:[ Forum Nokia Pro Success Story - full story ]:.

Read more: mBit p2 p network for 3rd Ed Author: Teo

+ Zook: Innovative mobile search application for S60 3rd Ed

03 February 2008

Zook For S60 3rd Ed
Innovative Mobile Search Application

Bangalore based Ziva Software, a mobile search start-up, incubated at IIM Bangalore, has announced that the mobile application version of its popular search engine Zook, has been launched by Nokia as the featured application in its application. Alternatively, Zook application is available for download at and works across Nokia’s smart phones running S60 3rd edition.

Zook is a new idea in mobile search that combines the results of broader web page search with social-networking functions and the knowledge of the location of your S60 device to provide you with optimised search and interaction.

It offers search on demand as well as search powered alerts, where based on your search, you can also choo... .. .

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.:[ Innovative mobile search application for S60 devices - full story ]:.

Read more: Zook For S60 3rd Ed Author: Teo

+ s60htmled: HTML Editor for S60 Smartphones!

30 November 2008

Create & Edit Web Pages
On The Go Without Dragging Out Your Laptop

I frequently travel for business as well as for pleasure and my phone keeps me up to date on all the latest news and happenings, it helps me to stay in contact with my office and to actively participate in the forum discussions but I still miss something!

You see, I’m one of those old school webmaster’s that started building websites with HomeSite years ago and what I really miss when I am on the go is ability to make some changes, fix mistakes (that I often make) and to update site on the fly straight from my phone!

Of course, the HTML markup of a web page can be written with any text editor, I created template for this site just with Photoshop and Notepad but specialized HTML editors can offer convenience and add more functionality and that’s what HTML Edi... .. .

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.:[ HTML Editor for S60 Smartphones - full story ]:.

Read more: s60htmled Author: Teo

+ VIDEO: Symtorrent - Introduced by Imre Kelényi

28 November 2008

SymTorrent for S60 3rd Ed
Video Introduction by Imre Kelényi

SymTorrent is the first full-featured and currently only BitTorrent client for Symbian S60 3rd Edition devices.

It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, is capable of both downloading and uploading and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application.

You can also check the status of each file inside a torrent along with several other statistics and properties during download. Torrents can be started from the browser, and selecting the files that are downloaded from multi file torr... .. .

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.:[ SymTorrent Video Intro - full story ]:.

Read more: SymTorrent Update Author: Teo

+ UPDATE: Opera Mini 4.2 Steps Out Of Beta

25 November 2008

Opera Mini 4.2 speeds up:
Final version Opera Mini is released today

Today, Opera Software released the final version of its much-anticipated Opera Mini 4.2 for mobile phones.

Since the launch of the beta version of Opera Mini 4.2, speed trials have shown that this version gives more than 30% speed improvements for users in the US, due to the addition of a new Opera Mini server in the US.

This release also marks Opera Mini’s official availability on the latest version of the Android mobile platform. Opera Mini is now the first Web browser alternative on Andr... .. .

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.:[ the new Opera Mini!! - full story ]:.

Read more: Opera Mini 4.2 Final! Author: Teo

+ OctroTalk Beta for S60 3rd Edition devices released!

27 October 2008

OctroTalk Beta for S60 3rd ed Brings
Mobile Video Conferencing And Streamin

Octro team has released the major update for its OctroTalk application.

OctroTalk for S60 3rd edition now has real time P2P Video Conferencing with VoIP, File Transfer, Instant Messaging and Avatar support. OctroTalk now support the front camera so you can have a video calls if you have OctroTalk client running at both ends.

You can also stream live video to Web. Add to your buddy list in OctroTalk, and make a video call to this buddy. Users can look at what you are streaming by going to and entering the user... ..

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.:[ OctroTalk 2.0 with Video Calling - full story ]:.

Read more: OctroTalk for 3rd ed Author: Teo

+ UPDATE: Google launches Gmail for Mobile 2.0 [J2ME]

24 October 2008

Gmail Improves Mobile Experience
Gmail for Mobile Updated to Version 2.0

I have never been a huge fan of Java based applications on S60 devices, mainly due the poor user interface, general slowness, annoying pop-ups and this Gmail java client has done nothing to change my mind.

However if you have no problems with java software there is an major update for the Gmail mobile application.

hey just rolled out version 2.0 for J2ME-supported phones and they claims that focus for this version was to make the experience faster and more reliable. Tthe entire client is rearchitected to push all the processing to the background, greatly improve the client-side caching scheme and optimize every bottleneck piec... ..

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.:[ Gmail Improves Mobile Experience - full story ]:.

Read more: Gmail for Mobile v2.0 Author: Teo

+ iDial Mobile Beta v1.22: Mobile Community for S60 3rd Ed

08 October 2008

Sesca Launches iDial Mobile Community
for Symbian S60 Phone Users

Finland-based Sesca Mobile Software Oy, a leading developer of customized software for the mobile telecommunications industry, has launched iDial Mobile Community for mobile phone users. Users can download and install a free, mobile-operator independent iDial Mobile application to their compatible mobile handsets from website.

Users who are registered to the website can create mobile communities and communicate within the community by using iDial Mobile application’s rich communications tools.

"Sesca provides mobile software and development services for mobile phone operators and manufacturers and for enterprise customers. By giving iDial Mobile application to users for free, we hope to receive plenty of user experience, feedb... ..

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.:[ Mobile Community for S60 3rd Ed - full story ]:.

Read more: iDial Mobile Commuinity Author: Teo

+Update: 'Skype For Your Mobile' Beta 2!

06 October 2008

Skype For Your Mobile Gets Un Update
Beta 2 Version Is Available For Download

Way back in April Skype team announced the first beta of Skype mobile and today it gets its first update and now it is available as the BETA 2.

'Skype for your mobile' Beta 2 encompasses a number of improvements but if you are expecting the native Symbian application you’ll be disappointed once again!

Mobile Skype client is still only available as the java application which is optimized to be compatible with most of the Java enabled phones and therefore it is not the best possible solution for the powerful S60 devices. Although it is not a native Symbian application, it works just fine, looks pretty good and functionality isn’t aff... ..

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.:[ Skype For Your Mobile Ggets Un Update - full story ]:.

Read more: Skype For Your Mobile Beta 2 Author: Teo

+ Discover Yahoo! oneSearch in One Click on S60 Devices!

22 August 2008

Get faster access to search,
with Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut for S60 Devices

The Yahoo! Mobile team has continued to develop new enhancements to make Yahoo! oneSearch easier and more effective for our users on the go.

The mobile search experience is now further enhanced by rolling out a Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut for Symbian S60 devices.

This new shortcut provides users with one-click access to Yahoo! oneSearch through our downloadable client. Once installed, it only takes one click on your phone screen to initiate a search. Simply click on the pencil key or right short... .. .

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.:[ Search that works faster than you can type - full story ]:.

Read more: Yahoo! oneSearch for S60 Author: Teo

+ Nokia Email Service PUSHES Blackberries Aside

02 July 2008

Nokia Email Service
PUSHES Blackberries Aside

We all see the people walking around with two cellphones. The one phone for calls, the other for work email, etc. It drives me insane! Well, finally, I may be getting some relief.

Nokia is focusing more and more on services, and last night's announcement is proof. Corporate mobile users, drop that Blackberry once and for all!

Dual device toters, free up that extra pocket! Nokia is proud to present to you the Nokia Email service. The Nokia Email service's biggest function is PUSH email. PUSH email is realtime instant email retrieval without the need for the user to manually log into email servers. Unlike automatic retrieval, which logs on an... .. .

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.:[ Nokia Introduces Free Push Email Service - full story ]:.

Read more: Nokia Email Application Author: Christexaport

+ emTube is alive - Official site will be back soon as well!

01 July 2008

emTube Returns
Official site will be back soon as well

I've been inundated with news lately, and haven't been able to keep up, and I'd let some exciting news go by unreported yesterday.

Around 3:30pm, fellow Dallas-Fort Worth area Symbian Freak member phairest sent me an email to announce a discovery I'm sure all Symbian Freaks will receive with great joy!

Ladies and gentlemen, Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz's legendary creation, emtube, has regained functionality with YouTube's servers! That's right! The first and arguably best, full YouTube browsing app is back! YouTube recently changed certain server sett... .. .

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.:[ full YouTube browsing app is back - full story ]:.

Read more: emTube Returns Author: Christexaport

+ BlueWhaleMail, a BlackBerry rival offering free push email

11 June 2008

Meet BlueWhaleMail
Free push email solution for Symbian S60 devices

BlueWhaleMail app launches offering free mobile push email and push Facebook service initially available for Nokia Series 60 and SonyEricsson feature phones.

Michael Maguire, who previously worked in the BlackBerry Applications team at Research In Motion, founded Blue Whale Systems Ltd: its BlueWhaleMail application offers a free mobile push email and push Facebook service. On launch, the service will initially be available for Nokia Series 60 and SonyEricsson feature phones.

"My team and I think there are some great dedicated mobile email devices out there - but we're biased, because half of us helped build one of them," said Michael Mag... ..

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.:[ BlackBerry rival offering free push email - full story ]:.

Read more: Blue Whale Mail Author: Teo

+ HACK: Chnage your phone identity - Try "iPhone” on S60!

02 May 2008

Change your phone identity!!
S60 browser goes iPhone!

As you may have already know, Nokia S60 browser is based on the same core with Ajax support just like the iPhone browser and it is expectable that both browsers interprets the web on the same way but it is not the case.

Mainly it happens because websites detects the phone model and change interface according to the device specification which results with completely different browsing experience on different devices. Following the huge popularity of the iPhone lot of web sites have created the special pages and pages designed for iPhone are easier to read and they are visually more pleasing.

Now let’s got to the point, someone has made quick software hack that switches user-agent, changes the S60 browser identity and force browser to introduce itself as an iPho... ..

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.:[ Chnage your phone identity - full story ]:.

Read more: S60 browser goes iPhone Author: Teo

+ Another way to connect: Skype for mobiles now out in beta

25 April 2008

Skype for Mobile (J2ME)
Wherever you go, Skype can come too now!

As I have already said a month or two ago, if you are waiting for the native Skype client for Symbian phones you have probably already suspend your hopes and/or got some of the 3rd party solutions like Fring that works seamlessly with its service and transfer voice over the cell or wi-fi to Skype network.

Actually bunch of other companies have produced Symbian VoIP clients, but Fring differs in offering interoperability with other networks, necessitating a different business model. For more than three years we are waiting for Skype to solve its battery drain and latency problems since the prototype was reported in February 2006. It is truly shameful th... ..

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.:[ Go mobile with Skype - full story ]:.

Read more: Skype on the move Author: Teo

+ Freeware: Yeigo for Symbian S60 3rd Ed devices released

16 April 2008

It's your world, connected
Yeigo for Symbian S60 3rd Ed phones

Yeigo Symbian Edition brings Yeigo to the World's most popular smartphone platform. Yeigo allows you to call and message other Yeigo users for free or call and SMS / Text non-Yeigo normal for much, much less!

Yeigo is a new mobile phone network that uses the Internet to connect users, bypassing operator call charges. It's amazing, unlimited communication options, from you're mobile phone, wherever you are - connect everyone.

All Yeigo users need is an Internet connection on their phone - 3G or WiFi - to start making free calls. The Yeigo application is free to download from with no contr... ..

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.:[ Yeigo for Symbian S60 3rd Ed devices released - full story ]:.

Read more: It's your world, connected Author: Teo ft. Vignesh Vicky

+ Freeware: mConnection Traffic Monitor (beta)

05 April 2008

mConnection (beta)
Take the Internet traffic under your control!!

This is definitely not an application that I’ll use at all, maybe the part that shows the current connection speed but traffic counter is something that I really don’t need. I just don’t care about monthly bandwidth, T-Mobile's web 'n' walk data tariff simply rocks, I got a few gigabytes for few euros and therefore I am quite satisfied with the inbuilt counter that shows amount of megabytes used since the last reset, but.. . .

If you have an expensive cellular data plan and you can only dream about unlimited gigabytes this small utility might be useful for you. How often did you have a low account with a thought in your mind “Ah, with two minutes internet browsing my acco... ..

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.:[ mConnection, freeware traffic monitor - full story ]:.

Read more: mConnection Beta Author: Teo

+ Your phone's best friend: the new Opera Mini!!

02 April 2008

World's most popular mobile browser
enters a new version

Opera today released the beta preview of Opera Mini, the newest version of the award-winning browser that works on almost every mobile phone. Opera Mini 4.1 beta lets you have the full Web everywhere. This newest release includes several new features, including automatic completion of web addresses, making it easier to get to the sites you need; tools for attaching files to web-based email; uploading photos to your blog or other site; downloading attachments from email for storage on your phone; and saving and viewing pages offline.

The new Opera Mini takes your mobile browsing experience to a new level of interactivity with both the phone and the Web. Opera Mini 4.1 improves the way Opera Mini interacts with your phone to make browsing more convenient, more produ... ..

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.:[ the new Opera Mini!! - full story ]:.

Read more: Opera Mini 4.1 Beta Author: Mauikek ft. Apoc'

+ WidSets gets an update, v2 Beta is ready for download

18 March 2008

Widsets 2.0 Beta available for download

Somehow I missed that they are rolling out a new beta version with lot of improvements and new features and the best of all, it is available for download right now.

WidSets is a handset manufacturer-independent service that brings the best bits of the Internet, such as communities, news, blogs, reviews, and weather reports straight to the mobile phone.

It uses mini-applications called widgets to deliver up to date Internet content to mobile phones and enables the user to create their own widgets. WidSets works on Java enabled handsets from a range of manufacturers and utilizes wid... ..

Read more:

.:[ Widsets 2.0 Beta available for download - full story ]:.

Read more: WidSets gets an update Author: Apoc'

+ OctroTalk for Symbian S60 3rd Edition devices released

17 March 2008

OctroTalk for Symbian S60 3rd Ed phones

Octro team has released the OctroTalk for Symbian S60 3rd Edition phones.

OctroTalk Mobile Instant Messaging with full voice integration and peer-to-peer file transfer. This always-on product keeps you connected with your buddies, and your buddies reach you whenever, wherever.

OctroTalk works seamlessly over GPRS / EDGE / CDMA / Wifi / Bluetooth data connections, and cuts down your phone bills. OctroTalk now supports GoogleTalk / Jabber, MSN, AIM, IC... ..

Read more:

.:[ OctroTalk for S60 3rd Ed released - full story ]:.

Read more: OctroTalk Author: Teo

+ Freeware: Talkonaut for S60 3rd (real VoIP over GPRS)

03 March 2008

Talkonaut for S60 3rd (real VoIP over GPRS)
Free world wide calls over GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WIFI

I would like to introduce our Talkonaut 4.0 mobile chat + VoIP software, which we recently finished porting from Java to native Symbian S60 platform (currently no UIQ support, sorry). The major feature of this version is a possibility to make real and free VoIP calls over GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WIFI data connections to Google Talk, to MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and iChat users as well as to SIP phones.

One can use Talkonaut to define one (or many) existing SIP accounts and make free or cheap (depends on your SIP provider) voip calls. Besides that, Talkonaut is a feature-rich IM chat client that is based on Jabber protocol (supports SSL connection to Google Talk servers aswell) with built-in transport suppo... ..

Read more:

.:[ Rreal VoIP over GPRS - full story ]:.

Read more: Talkonaut for S60 3rd Author: Ruslan Zalata

+ Freeware: SmartGET - Powerful S60 download manager

03 March 2008

SmartGET v 2.02
Powerful Download Manager for S60 Devices

SmartGet is the easy-to-use and effective download manager designed to fix all the problems you may be having downloading content from the internet on your phone.

It looks like a must-have utility for all the hardcore internet users that downloads files recently and want to avoid limitations in the default web browser.

SmartGet download manager allows you to simultaneously download up to 5 files at the same time rather then the Safari Explorer silly maximum of only 1 file at a time. Furthermore it allow you to resume broken downloads and contain few rea... ..

Read more:

.:[ Powerful S60 download manager - full story ]:.

Read more: SmartGET v2.02 Author: Vinu

+ Feeware: Google Search Application for S60 Devices

21 February 2008

Google Search Application for S60 3rd Devices

I know I am a little bit late on this one, but I’ve just came back from the office and it was pretty hectic there today, I just couldn’t found enough time to port it from the forum section to the front page.

Anyway, our member Mauikek that is running a small Italian Symbian Blog has found a brand new application. Google's native Symbian S60 search client and he posted it over at our forum section early this morning, and in the mean time it appeared on the AAS, IntoMobile and many other mobile blogs as well.

In short, Google search is simple but yet powerful application that adds a shortcut to a Google search bo... ..

Read more:

.:[ Google Search Application - full story ]:.

Read more: Google Search Application Author: Mauikek ft. Apoc

+ Update: Fring 3.30 for S60 3rd Ed is out!

05 February 2008

fring mobile VoIP client gets an updated
and brings file transfer capability!

Fring™ today announced the launch of a new version of its popular free to download, free to use mobile phone application, packed with additional features which enable anyone with a compatible handset1 to talk, chat, and interact with other fring users (fringstersTM) from their mobile phones.

The new feature-rich fring offers an enhanced chat client, unique file transfer functionality, and local language options.” I was already a big fan of the Fring service, partly because of it’s simple installation, partly because of the neat VoIP feature, and partly due to the interworking of differ... ..

Read more:

.:[ fring mobile VoIP client gets an updated - full story ]:.

Read more: Fring 3.30 for 3rd ed is out! Author: Teo

+ HOT: Long awaited MobiTubia is finally out!!!!

31 January 2007

Are you ready?
Sittiphol Has Announced MobiTubia!

The long awaited MobiTubia has been finally released and it is available for public download after the long period of the beta testing.

I’m sure you are all well aware of this application, and what it does, Marty has made a great overview few weeks ago with lot of screens and even video demonstration.

In short, MobiTubia is YouTube player similar to emTube application that features functionality packed into fancy 3D user interface and it will be huge competition for great Sebastian’s emTube soft. As you may have already know, two months back at the Nokia World 2007 event held in Amsterdam, Nokia has anno... .. .

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.:[ Sittiphol Has Anounced MobiTubia - full story ]:.

Read more: MobiTubia is out Author: Marty ft. Teo

+ Freeware: YouTube Java Client BETA

24 January 2008

YouTube Java Client BETA

Just found this pretty cool looking official YouTube client for symbian phones, well not just symbian phones as it is a java application and will run on any device supporting java midlets.

The UI of this client is very nice looking indeed, and offers you pretty much all the same features as what you can achieve by using the actual YouTube website itself. you are able to log into, and access your account. But unfortunatly... .. .

Read more:

.:[YouTube Java Client BETA - full story ]:.

Read more: YouTube Java Client Author: Marty

+ HOT: Personal Apache MySQL PHP for S60 3rd ed is Out!

20 January 2008

PAMP, an S60 Powered Apache Web Server
with PHP and MySQL

PAMP, an S60 Powered Apache Web Server with PHP and MySQL is now available for the S60 3rd edition phones.

The acronym AMP refers to a solution stack of software, usually free software / open-source software, used to run dynamic Web sites or servers.

The original expansion is as follows: Apache, the Web server; MySQL, the database management system (or database server); PHP and sometimes Perl or Python, the programming languages.

The combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a web server infrastructure, def... .. .

Read more:

.:[ An S60 Powered Apache Web Server - full story ]:.

Read more: PAMP for 3rd edition Author: Vinu

+ Freeware: Mobispine - 'Njoy life on the go!

19 January 2008

Mobispine - Free mobile media browser

Mobispine is a mobile media browser which gives you the news and blogs of your interest from your favourite sources.

Mobispine adds news sources and blogs to their listing everyday day. Mobispine helps to find news of your areas of interest delivered directly to your mobile device. Mobispine is intelligent enough to learn what you like and will help you keep up with your interests.

Mobispine is 100 % free of charge to download and to use. However, your operator might charge you a small fee for the data traffic according to your data plan. The Mobispine service is optimized in order to consume as little data as possible. Mobispine claims that it is 20 times cheaper than other mobile browsers and RSS altern.. .. .

Read more:

.:[ Free mobile media browser - full story ]:.

Read more: 'Njoy life on the go! Author: Vinu

+ Freeware: EQO's Symbian Beta Program!

10 January 2008

EQO Symbian Beta is here?

The EQO Symbian beta for Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition phones is here! EQO Communications, a market-leading mobile presence technology provider, announced availability of the native Symbian version (beta) of its EQO (pronounced "echo") J2ME application.

EQO is freeware application that brings free instant messaging compatible with all major services like MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google, ICQ and Jabber but unfortunately it lacks the support for the Skype at the moment

This version differs from our J2ME version in that it is built natively for Symbian Series 60 3rd edition phones. The Symbian version offers many improvements over the J2ME ver... .. ..

Read more:

.:[ EQO Symbian Beta is here - full story ]:.

Read more: EQO's Symbian Beta Author: Marty ft. Teo

+ Freeware: RSS World - Your personalized newspaper!

08 January 2008

RSS World (J2ME)
Stay Informed Wherever, Whenever You Want

Found this really cool small java app on my digital travels through Symbian cyber space, and it is really great.

Very nice UI and although it is java application it works very, very well I recommend it to all RSS news junkies like myself. Anyway, RSSWorld is your personal newspaper; it provides access to RSS feeds scattered all around the Web.

RSSWorld can access the many thousands of RSS feeds on the Internet and displays the information straight to your mobile. Whether you wish to view the current news, we... .. .

Read more:

.:[ Your personalized newspaper - full story ]:.

Read more: Sty Up To Date? Author: Marty

+ Freeware: Mobypal - Publishing system for S60 3rd edition

03 January 2008

Mobypal beta
New Publishing System for S60 Smartphones

The Swedish company Mobycator launches Mobypal – a media publishing system for Nokia S60 Series. From now you can store photos and videos on the web, whenever you want, wherever you are, using your mobile phone!

Share your photos and videos – it is simple and free: “Mobypal is a very easy to use, free mobile phone application that enables the users to immediately publish their media, recorded on their mobile phones”, says Martin Eriksson, CEO and founder of Mobycator AB.

Photos and videos can be recorded directly by using the Mobypal application or by using the phone’s built in camera/video recorder. When a video clip has been shot, use... .. .

Read more:

.:[ New publishing system for S60 3rd edition - full story ]:.

Read more: Mobypal beta Author: Teo

+ Freeware: SIC FTP Client

11 October 2007

A free FTP Client for S60 3rd Edition Devices!

The long awaited FTP client for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones is here and even better it is FREE!!!

For those who don’t know, FTP or File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer data from one computer to another over the Internet, or through a network

SIC FTP is a free ftp client for all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. Application is very simple to use but very powerful and besides the FTP functionality application also features the pow.. .. .

Read more:

.:[ free FTP Client for S60 3rd Ed - full story ]:.

Read more: Freeware: SIC FTP Client Author: Rayen ft Apoc'

+ Freeware: If Info v1.0

31 July 2007

IfInfo v1.0
Neat little freeware utility

I’ve spent considerable time this morning in looking for some cool news to keep blog alive and then I remembered that I discovered something the other day, a neat little freeware utility that it could be helpful to some of you, so I thought I just had to share it with you guys.

Anyway, IfInfo is a small program to view current network interface information. With this program, you can see the IP address assigned to your phone, DNS address, and so on. So why anyone does would like to know this information? Well, with the information that provides IfInfo, you can easily verify if the DHCP serve... ..

Read more:

.:[ Small little freeware utility - full story ]:.

Read more: If Info v1.0 Author: Apoc'

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