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+ New Foundation Widget: Symbian.org On Your Phone

06 June 2009

Symbian on Symbian Widget
Symbian.org Website On Your Phone

Increasingly, HTML and associated web technologies will be the tools used to create compelling applications and services for Symbian-powered devices.

Mobile web widgets will become more and more prevalent and more powerful and it won’t be necessary to tangle with C++! Widgets are built with standard open-web technology and its code is based on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Anyway, Ivan Litovski, Technical Expert in the Technical Communications team, has done an excellent job by creating lightweight widget that allows people to access the Symbian website (Forums, Wiki, Blogs and Bugzilla ) fro... .. .

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+ GreenExplorer Widget: Make an impact without leaving one

12 December 2008

Greenexplorer Allows You
To Make An Impact Without Leaving One

Last week at Nokia World the beta version of a new sustainable travel planning service was introduced.

Called GreenExplorer, it helps people make more sustainable travel decisions is available via your mobile device by simply downloading a widget or by going to greenexplorer.net

GreenExplorer provides information on a range of travel issues including tips on the most sustainable methods of transport, eco-friendly places to visit, and a way to offset the CO2 emissions from your trip if you have to fly. It is also a pla... .. .

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+ 'Destroy' New York: Pepsi's Kung Fu Fighting Widget

02 Nowember 2008

'Destroy' New York
Pepsi's Kung-fu for Ringtones Widget

Working with Pepsi Latin America, Forum Nokia helped to create the Pepsi "Kung Fu Fighting" widget.

The software application, based on the 1974 song of the same name, lets mobile users play a game, view exclusive media, and link to the Pepsi Web site through supported Nokia devices.

The widget, designed by one of Forum Nokia's mobile platform developers, AgencyNet, supports a new Pepsi TV commercial. The TV spot features modern remakes of the 'Kung Fu Fighting' song by reggae star Shaggy and hip-hop's T-Pain, along with Jamaican female recording artist Tami Chynn and com... .. .

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+ 'LOL This Page' Widget: Keep 'em laughing!

01 Nowember 2008

Let 'LOL This Page' Widget
Release Your Inner Comedian

Show the world just how funny you can be with a new widget for S60 3rd ed devices that supports the web runtime (WRT). This includes all Feature Pack 2 phones like Nokia N78 and Nokia N96, but it also works on the WRT extended FP1 phones like the Nokia N95!

Called 'LOL This Page', the widget lets users add statements to an assortment of funny pictures, then post them on their blogs, personal sites and social-networking pages.

The widget also offers built-in editing tools that let users create and save new statements. Beside changing the comment, you can also configure the text color, text size and font style. There is an also a gallery function that lets users brows through other LOL pages and view images personalized by others! The real fun begins wh... .. .

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+ Dr Jukka just released 50 new widgets for S60 devices!

09 September 2008

Dr Jukka just released 50 new widgets
for Symbian S60 3rd edition devices!

Dr. Jukka Silvennoinen, also known as Dr. Jukka once again proves its position as one the best (if not the best) Symbian developer and his commitment to improve the Symbian platform with the handy freeware applications.

He just released the impressive collection of 50 new widgets for S60 3rd edition devices. The collection is really huge, truly great stuff and you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you have the WRT compatible phone!

Jukka is a true Symbian enthuastic, and as his hobby he also develops Symbian freeware application, which you could find from him home pages at www.DrJukka.com or in our freeware section, applications like famous Y-browser, Y-tasks, Y-alarms, Theme Scheduler, Profile Scheduler, and Fake Messages! Dr. Jukka Silvennoinen, Senior Tec... .. .

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