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+ Tamoggemon releases TouchCalc Free for Symbian

15 May 2010

Tamoggemon Releases The Free
Version Of TouchCalc App for Symbian

Tamoggemon is pleased to announce the availability of TouchCalc Free, a freeware version of its smash hit application for Symbian 5th Edition devices.

TouchCalc Free is a lightweight, sleek and very easy to use application and if you one of those who don’t need a calculator with overly cute graphics, multiple screens or clunky operation this might be right product for you. With TouchCalc Free you’ll don't need a lot of bells and whistles just to, split a check or dividing a bill.

There is also a memory function that allows you to store up to five calculation results for later usage. For example, you may want to use the results of a calculation in several ot... .. .

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+ Handwriting Calculator Gets Scientific Functions

02 April 2009

Nokia's Handwriting Calculator Updated
With Scientific Functions and UI Improvements

S60 5th Edition version of the Nokia’s Handwriting Calculator touchscreen devices has just been updated and brings support for scientific functions like sin, cos, tan, ln, etc.

To use them, you need to drag and drop the function symbol from the top of the screen to an appropriate position. Directly writing function symbols does not work in this version yet.

Furthermore there is support for the math constants ‘e’ and pi which you can write directly, addition of the help system and the minor UI tweaks including the new icon which looks quite better than the generic one from the very first beta version. Nokia Hand... .. .

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