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Messaging Tools

+ Palringo v0.99: Simplified UI and better support for 5th Ed

07 March 2009

Palringo For S60 3rd and 5th Editon
Instant Vocal, Picture and Text Based Messaging

Palringo is the ultimate Instant Messaging client for Symbian S60 Smartphones that allows you to instantly exchange text messages, photos, and vocal IMs with group of users or individuals.

In the latest Symbian version, more settings have been added, the user interface has been simplified and especially optimized for the 5th Ed with the better support for the touch UI.

Version 0.99 also brings some improvements which will make it easier for you to chat with your buddies, and adds support for Facebook chat. In addition they’ve also made it easy to update your status across a number of services in one go and allow... .. .

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+ ShakeSMS Now Supports FP2 Phones And Nokia 5800!!

13 February 2009

ShakeSMS Gets Support For
New Sensor Framework and Nokia 5800

Ton Ren, developer of few very popular accelerometer based applications for S60 devices has rolled out a major update for his 'SMS shaker '.

Same as with FlipSilent the main improvement is addition of the support for the new sensor framework which makes it compatible with most of the latest N and Eseries devices including the Nokia N96, N85, N79, 6210 Navigator and Nokia E66.

Finally, and possibly even most importantly, application is now fully compatible with the 5th ed devices and I can confirm that it works just fine on my Nokia 5800! Great Marble Maze game, Nokia's Step Counter, Hi-N-Bye, Rock-N-Scroll, Inclinometer, FlipSilent, number of compatible applications slowly grows and situ... .. .

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+ fring Is Now Compatible With Nokia 5800 XpressMusic!

04 March 2009

Feel me, touch me, fring me,
Fring for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Out Today!

Those of you who have been waiting patiently for fring with touch support, owners of the Nokia 5800 XM especially will be happy to know that fring is no optimized for the touch user interface and is now fully compatible with first S60 5th edition device, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

After the closed beta period, Fring has just launched a brand new version of its award winning social community and communication service for the new and incredibly successful Nokia 5800 XM, first company's S60 touchscreen device.

This has been one of the most hotly anticipated fring launches ever; as soon as Nokia announced the launch of its 5800, fring’s forums, Twitter and Facebook pages were been red hot w... .. .

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+ Redefine Your Look With Nokia Avatar SMS!

09 February 2008

Nokia Avatar SMS For Nokia 5800
Redefine Your Look With A Complete Makeover

S60 application "Avatar SMS" allows you to style your own coolest avatars with up to millions of possible combinations!

Turn your avatar into expressive animated icons, and text it to your friends– at the same cost of sending an ordinary SMS!

Share avatars you build for yourself and for friends, or set them as contact pictures to get a “hi” from cute animated avatars every time you make a call!

The latest version of Avatar SMS gets even better with downloadable plugins to add trendiest wear and accessories to your avatar! The new version is also compatible with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touch handset, and supports English, tradi... .. .

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+ Y-Fake For 5th Ed: Receiving SMS with fake user details!

18 January 2009

Y-Fake Messages For Nokia 5800
Receiving SMS Messages With Fake User Details!

Dr Jukka Silvennoinen, Senior Technology expert from Forum Nokia just rolled out a massive application update!

Theme Scheduler, Profile Scheduler & Fake messages were updated to 0.55, and they should now work nicely with the 5th edition of S60 platform e.g. Nokia 5800.

Anyway, Fake Messages is an application that allows timed "sending" of fake SMS messages. Note that SMS messages are handled inside the device, no network connection is needed so thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge. You can use it to trick your friends or as a reminder for example! Application is very simple and easy to use and basically all you ne... .. .

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+ Talkonaut Gets An Update And Support for Nokia 5800

16 February 2009

Talkonaut Gets An Update
And Support For 5th Ed Devices

Talkonaut is a feature-rich IM chat client that is based on Jabber protocol (supports SSL connection to Google Talk servers aswell) with built-in transport support for MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ protocols.

We are pleased to announce the fifth release of our Talkonaut mobile IM chat and mVoIP application, available for Symbian S60 2nd, 3rd as well as for the 5th edition of S60 platform (Nokia 5800) since this version.

As usual, a great effort was made to meet users' feedbacks, solving innumerous issues and adding most wanted features. But even greater work was made on improving graphical user inte... .. .

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+ SMS Timer: Schedule SMS To Be Sent At Chosen Time!

17 January 2009

SMS Timer For 5th Ed
Schedule SMS To Be Sent At Chosen Time!

If would like to send an SMS when the price for sending it is the lowest or maybe free of charge? You need to send a birthday or season's greetings and don't want to forget about it or maybe you just need to send SMS to person in a different time zone in times when he/she doesn't need to wake up to read it?

Than look no further, SMS Timer allows you to schedule SMS/MMS messages to be sent on a future date and time. The application functions exactly like the standard messaging application allowing you to define multiple recipients and it is only applicaion for zhe Nokia India site that works outside India!

It is the simple but yet powerful SMS scheduler for S60 touch devices that lets you handle your message correspondence in a timely manner, it enables you to define multiple SMS m... .. .

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