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+ Nokia E71: Thinner then the super model!!!

26 May 2008

Nokia E71 Hands On!
Thinner Then The Super Model

Nokia E71 Basically we know absolutely everything about this but if you want more there is short hands on and bunch of photos over at boy genius report blog. Genius Boy was lucky enough to get hands-on this cute creature even before its official release and he is impressed.

Apparently the phone is thinner then the super model, build quality is on the acceptable quality, phone looks very solid and is very well equipped. Speaking of the specifications specs, the E71 we is a quad-band phone with 850MHz/1900MHz and support for EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA.

It also has a decent a 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera that is probably comparable to one that we can find on E90 which means it is not the best camera out there but still it is a pretty good deal for one business related phone. Of course there is an also Wi-Fi and the build in GPS module.

Undoubtedly great a phone with a terrible and extremely disappointing QVGA display, I thought that this stone-age screen resolution is thing of the past, at least on the high end Smartphones but unfortunately it is not the case. Shame on you Nokia, I just can’t realize why you are still forcing these crappy screens while the high-resolution screens are defacto standard on smartphones nowadays.

They are working on the review but in mean time you can take a tour through the photo gallery.

Nokia E71

Nokia E71

Nokia E71

Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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Nokia E71

Source: Boygeniusreport Author: Apoc'

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