Skyfire browser
released in limited beta

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+ Symbian Beta 2 version of Skyfire browser 'available' now!

27 July 2008

Symbian version of Skyfire browser
released and available for selected beta testers

Skyfire BrowserAlthough it is not accessible to everyone I would like to briefly inform you that long awaited Skyfire browser for Symbian phones is around the corner and we are one more step closer to the final release.

At this moment, Skyfire is open for the selected private beta testers only and not available for public download. A release date of the final or at least first public beta version wasn't given so far.

I signed up for the beta testing on January 31, it’s about six months ago and I still didn’t get invitation and therefore it is really hard to believe that process is on a first signed up basis as they claim?!

I guess that I am out because they are forcing U.S. users right now and only sending an SMS invitations to the selected testers from United States, what an unfair way to treat those people, who are outside US :/

Skyfire Demo

Anyway, if you are interested in beta testing, feel free to sign up for Beta 2 and better your U.S. mobile phone number to increase your chance to get invitation for private beta testing!

Skyfire Browser Skyfire Browser

Speaking of the browser itself, basically it is a greatly improved Opera Mini browser. Classic server-side solution that uses Gecko for rendering (same bits is behind Firefox's) and it does full Flash (9) and Ajax, and support zooming. It also does Quicktime, Windows Media, and Silverlight as well and I can’t deny that is sounds quite impressive.

It is quite possible because everything gets rendered on the server and then sent out to the phone. That solves some of the processor, memory and speed issues, but it also adds more benefits, like full AJAX, Flash, Javascript.

SkyFire teams claims that if the desktop Firefox browser can render it, then Windows Mobile phones will render it on the exact same way but again without a single word about Symbian phones.

Skyfire Browser
Surce: Friend of mine Author: Teo

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