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+ Update: New Nimbuzz 3.3.1 for Symbian! Get it now!

06 January 2012

New Nimbuzz For Symbian
Brings Back Tabbed Chatting

SwypeNimbuzz for Symbian devices has been upgraded today (currently available through, but it will also be available in Nokia Ovi Store soon) and includes a good number of enhancements, bunch of improvements, some minor bug fixes and tweaks, as well as the interface and functionality improvements.

One of the first things I’m sure you will notice is that Tabbed chatting is back on the latest Nimbuzz Symbian 3.3.1 which is now available to download. Also as you may have already know, they have updated Nimbuzz Symbian to 3.3 last month and introduced a lot of new features.

One of the first things I’m sure you will notice is the beautifully redesigned Home Screen. They made the icons bigger and rearranged them in grid view so you can access the most important functions with a single touch.

Even more exciting is that we added three new icons to the list: Recent Chats, N-World and Groupchat.

Here is the complete overview of Nimbuzz 3.3 for Nokia Symbian phones:

  • Redesigned Home Screen for fast access to your favorite features
  • Three new icons added: Recent Chats, N-World and Groupchat
  • Block contacts that annoy you
  • New “Notifiable” icon – the green half moon
  • Change your password from the inside the app
  • 30% faster login

The icon with a half green moon stands for Notifiable and it will appear only next to your Nimbuzz contacts that closed the Nimbuzz app but can still receive push (on the iPhone and Android) or Ping notifications (on the Java and Symbian phones).

Get the new update now from and if you like the new features please RT the post  .

Nimbuzz 3.0 for Nokia Symbian phones

Where does the name Nimbuzz come from?

Nimbuzz means "halo" – or “a shining cloud sometimes surrounding a deity when on earth.” It fits our vision of "mobile freedom" very well. Although we are a business and need to be a business in order to survive. We also believe in freedom, expression and the hope that our technology can somehow make the world a smaller, closer, better place by fostering international community, cultural awareness and understanding. That may sound hokey, but we hope to live up to it through our actions, not our words.

SF Review: Nimbuzz 3.3.1 - Improved interface and functionality
Originally posted: 15.06.2010
Last Updated: 06.12.2012
Author: Teo Bartulovic [a.k.a Apoc' ]
Copyright: Symbian Freak 2012; all rights reserved

Nokia Maps Suite - Pulse
Source: Tobias Kemper Author: Teo

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